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2 Sep ’14

LV House by A-Cero| Residential Design




Another house by the famous A-Cero architects. The most impressive elements in this project are the sculptural staircase and the organically shaped outdoor pool. As with all of their projects, the architecture is minimal and modern. I think they could have done better with the furniture though.


17 Dec ’11

A-Cero Designs Residence In Adma, Lebanon | Architecture

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Finally one of my favorite architecture firms, A-cero,  makes it to Lebanon with this magnificent residence in Adma. This is a 3-level detached house situated in a unique environment on the side of a mountain overlooking the sea.

The basement is around of 546 m2,including a garage for 10 vehicles, 3 halls  multipurpose room, sauna,  3 bedrooms,and a kitchen.

The ground floor level is of 486m2 includes an office, a living room, a dining room, a  kitchen,a family living room in addition to porches and large terraces . There is also an outdoor pool and Jacuzzi.

The first floor is around 475m2 and includes the private areas such as the master bedroom suit , guest bedroom, and 3  bedrooms. Also there is a small garden on this level.




The materials used for the facade are the white and beige travertine stone with black glass. What is prominent is broken facade forms, coherent with the topography of the land’s stony steep slopes.The architecture highlights the cantilevered master bedroom with spectacular sea views and overlooking the hillside.

The pool is designed with a structural glass in the front to take the advantage of views and the surrounding.

Both the lounge and the dining room windows are retractable, creating a fusion of the exterior with the interior, enjoying the good weather of this region throughout the year

The overhangs favor the visual effect on surrounding vegetation. One of the formal characteristics of this single family house is the blind spot (the wall without windows), oriented toward the street, in contrast to the large windows of the house, facing the valley and the sea.

In the beach area you can enjoy unbeatable views, so A-cero designed a large porch area partially covered by folding arm awnings.






30 Oct ’11

A-Cero Design The Ultimate Dream House | Residential Design


This has to be the most spectacular villa I have ever seen so far, of all the magnificent works out there, A-Cero outdid themselves with this beautiful project. I think I am over excited posting this, but I couldn’t help my enthusiasm, I am actually calling it my dream home.

This residence belongs to none other than Spanish architect Joaquin Torres himself, and is located in La Finca, a residential area near Madrid, Spain with a total area of ​​1700m2. It has two levels, ground floor and first floor.All the rooms are decorated with items designed by A-cero, alternating with classic designs, antiques and works of art.




The house is accessed from the outside by a door 5 meters high, flanked by two wooden blinds in the center, a rim of Jerez well, dating from the seventeenth century  of Marita Segovia, handmade carpets from Turkey, orange-white and black picture of Mercedes Rodriguez Parrizas. On the right pedestal,  So-fha sculpture from the Thailand gallery of Antonio Martin. The decorations in the home are in an open dialogue between classic and contemporary.



The living room window of 15 meters, lies on the floor automatically, leaving open to the terrace.

The living room is the most public place of the house where the client receive the guests, a large space with a considerable height. The decoration carried out by the department of interior design of A-cero, as throughout, features pieces of their own design that coexist with more traditional elements:

A-cero designed the sofas, executed by Manama, upholstered in white silk. Coffee tables design by A-cero, made ​​by Herranz Brothers in DM  with high gloss and white lacquered sheet steel for the inside.

Two Mies Daybed, Barcelona model in white. India silk white carpet of Naim.


The kitchen is also designed by A-cero, executed by Aries kitchens in high gloss lacquered with DM in white, gray and countertops of graphite and gray Corian . A large central island of white Corian, which ends in a flight of 5 meters serving as a  dining area /office. Appliances are from Siemen.















On their blog, A-Cero describe the details and the process of the works on this beautiful work of art. You can check photos as well of the work process.

22 Oct ’11

1001 Nights Villa By A-Cero | Residential Design


There usually isn’t a long interval between posts about  A-Cero’s projects. I am a big fan and in  love with their vision of volumes. Many might find them bulky and “dry” since they heavily rely on concrete and grey stones for their finishes. Scroll down to check out the remaining photos and enjoy the effects the architecture reveals when accompanied with beautiful lighting and an enormous swimming pool.

A-cero is a Spanish architecture firm which has recently completed the 1001 Nights House project. This 22,600 square foot contemporary concrete residence is located in Madrid, Spain.












1001 Nights House by A-cero:

“A-cero presents one of its more recent projects in single family properties.

It is a single family house located in a development in the outskirts of Madrid. Over a plot of 7000 m2 the building, with 2100 m2, rises with a high standard design answering the owners’ requirements.

The access, through the development walkway, is placed on a higher level. Here is the property, partially hidden by many curved walls that seem to elevate from some water sheets over a stone covering in white, grey and black shades, placed on purpose as a part of the landscape in this area of the plot. Besides its sculptural features, typical of the A-cero style, this side of the facade expects the integration of the building in the surrounding environment. A wide stone path, with water sheets on both sides, lead us to a huge black glass door that gives us access inside the property. In the garden, following the wishes of the owners, there are palms, pome granate trees and Middle East vegetation.

The rear facade of the house, the most visible, makes the most of the slight slope of the plot, where there is the porch, a pool and the garden. Almost all the views from the different rooms of the property are focused here, as the views of the lakes in the common areas of the development.

All the building is dressed in “black villar granite stone”. In this part of the property big windows, with hidden woodwork, are opened, achieving a lot of light for the inside space. In the porch, the window in the main living room, of 10 meters, is automatically hidden, connecting indoors and outdoors.

The passable area is made of white marble, the vase in the pool of blue gressite. The outside furniture is from the Rest collection by A-cero In.”

5 Apr ’11

Open Box House : An Architectural Marvel by A-Cero

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Architectural icon after the other, A-Cero never refrain from keeping us in awe with the amazing sculptural designs they present. I am really impressed recently with Spanish designers and their works.

The design impact of this Open Box House, as they named it, can not be missed, the open spaces, the minimal use of colors yet strong volumes are what characterized it.  The residence is located on the outskirts of Madrid, Spain and the design is inspired by Spanish sculptor Jorge Oteiza.

The interior spaces are overlapping and overlooking each other. A large mirrored partition serves as a background for a long fireplace, a glass bridge hangs over the living area and is adjacent to a large bookcase.

Natural light is plenty, tiles used are large grey ceramic tiles, furniture used is mainly from Fendi Casa. In the photo above you can see the Elisa chairs by Fendi Casa and the Canova console in black lacquer finish. The sofa is called Domino, also by Fendi Casa.




28 Nov ’10

Vivienda 19 House by A-Cero | Residential Design

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A-Cero is an architecture studio that has become a reference for most architects and designers. Their modern use of proportions, volumes, and minimalistic aesthetics has given them this significance. The Vivienda 19, located near Madrid, is a clear indication of their contemporary style.


9 Nov ’12

Glen 2961 Project By SAOTA In South Africa | Residential Design



Just like there was a time all I could see were great projects by A-Cero, it seems now SAOTA are just breeding beautiful residences in Cape Town, South Africa. Their designs have become very popular because of their use of several complementing finishes, such as stone, concrete, wood, and massive glass areas which allow plenty of light inside. This is their Glen 2961 Project, completed in 2012.




7 Oct ’10

Awaken your Outdoor Spaces: Vondom

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So the summer season is over, but outdoor season for many countries has just begun or about to. In Kuwait we are still in the 32-42 degrees Celsius range, but hopefully soon it will cool down. In the light of that I will put up a few posts focusing on outdoor furniture to help give you an idea of the current trends.

For those who like hip & designer outdoor furniture, one brand to look out for is Vondom.

Vondom has the most complete range of outdoor furniture worldwide produced by the rotational molding process, offering widest variety of colors and patterns ever created. The technique can produce high quality products with a multitude of features, and as a result become unique pieces.


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