Yazan Paints Sabah on The Streets Of Beirut | Street Art



Yazan Halwani, a graffiti/street artist born & raised in Beirut, Lebanon,  painted a grand mural in Hamra, Beirut as a tribute to the legendary Lebanese singer Sabah who passed away in November 2014. The mural shows the singer smiling, revealing her friendly character and a great welcome to those entering Hamra street.


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Street Art in Paris by Pejac | Art


Spanish artist Pejac has created some breathtaking street art around Paris. He is well known for his silhouettes. I love how he mimicked ants yet used forms of humans. the door is very believable as well.

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Architect Portraits by Federico Babina | Art



Federico Babina is a talented Italian Illustrator I have been following lately. His work is so simple yet so creative. In the series I am focusing on, he created portraits of famous architects using their work as part of the portrait, you won’t believe till you see yourself. Check out the slideshow below!









Federico  Babina


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Installations By Mathias Kiss | Art





Mathias Kiss is an artist whose name has been featured in the past few years for being an artist with spectacular installations, my favorite of which is the 3D mirror  shown here among others.

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12 Shoes for 12 Lovers | Exhibition by Sebastian Errazuriz | Art


The idea of this exhibition is beautiful in every way. The fact that the artist designed 12 sculptural shoes representing 12 different relationships in his life and crafted with such beautiful detail is amazing. On the website dedicated to this exhibition, he has a story written under each of the shoes representing the relationship that inspired it. I attached the photos of the images available till today, will add the last one once uploaded to his website. Which one is your favorite?

Update: He added the last shoe, the Rock, it’s shown below.

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Amazing Shots From Hajj 2012 | Photography


Around 3 Million Muslims from around the world gathered this year in Mecca for the Hajj (pilgrimage) which is considered the 5th pillar of Islam and this year was observed between October 24-29, 2012.

The Atlantic compiled beautiful photos taken by  Hassan Anmar of AP Photo and Amr Abdallah Dalsh of Reuters showing the holiness of this event and its traditions and the steps and emotions that occur during this sacred journey. The long exposure shots show the flow of the pilgrims around the holy Kaaba.


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