ML Residence by Gantous Architects | Residential Design


Located in Mexico City, this modern 1000 sq. m residence was designed by Gantous Architects.The secret to having a rich volume is to know how to incorporate several finishes yet still look polished and pulled together. This is exactly how the design was tackled here. My favorite part, however, was the indoor garden. scroll below to check the remaining photos.

On another note, do you think the architects could have Lebanese origins?

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Video: Zaha Hadid Architects At Work | Architecture


This is the epitome of ambition, I admire their sense of innovation. Such a dream job for creative architects.

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S House by Yuusuke Karasawa Architects| Residential Design


As ‘unlivable’ as this space looks, you can’t but appreciate the strength of the architecture and daring openness of the house. Designed by Yuusuke Karasawa Architects and known as the S House, according to the Coolist: it is built for an academic client, one who has spent his years studying the networking of space and nature, and how humans interface with the space around them. The design of this home is a practice in the client’s studies, a philosophical execution of his life’s work.

The first and most obvious dilemma in such a space is that there is almost no privacy whatsoever except probably in the bathroom. But then again, this is home to someone who is unconventional in his views.

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Video of Antoni Gaudi’s Basilica Completed | History and Architecture

Whenever you speak of Spain’s architecture, almost always the Sagrada Famila Basilica by Antoni Gaudi is brought up. A lovely video was featured on Dezeen last week showing a simulation of what it will look like when done. The plan is to have it finished by 2026, i.e. 100 years after the death of its architect.

I find it fascinating that until this date an ancient basilica is still being built. Imagine all the developments this beautiful structure has witnessed.


The Sagrada Family





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Residence in Amchit, Lebanon With Breathtaking Views | Residential Design


This beautiful residence is the perfect example of maximizing incorporation of the beautiful sea view it is endowed with in the interior. Blankpage Architects have done a great job with this project, collaborating with .PSLAB among others. Area is 430 sq.m, and is located in Amchit, Lebanon.


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Dream House in Rio | Residential Design

94-Arthur-Casas-casa-AL-rio-brazil-photo-fernando-guerra The owner of this breathtaking house is Alex Lerner a Brazilian TV Host who is known for being very picky about cleanliness and neatness; thus the streamlined architecture of his residence. Designed by Studio Arthur Casas and finalized in 2012, this house fulfilled his dreams. A very linear architectural beauty making use of every inch of the surrounding view. Materials used worked beautifully with the nature around it.

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