About Me

Sahar Ghazale

My name is Sahar Ghazale, I am an interior architect from Lebanon yet currently residing in Kuwait (since Aug 2008). I have over 16 years of experience in the field of interior architecture and have a passion for all that contribute to enhancing our lifestyle and adding beauty to our everyday experiences. In this blog I post about design related topics including architecture, professional experience, art, eco-friendly concepts, luxury items & fashion, in addition to some easy recipes a busy person like me can do in no time.

What does the name mean? Well since I am Lebanese, you can barely come across one who will not include all three languages: English, French, and Arabic in one sentence. “Un Peu De” is French for “ A Bit of” and كل شي  is Arabic pronounced “kil shi” meaning “Everything”.  So as the name implies, this blog will cover bits from everything that add joy and refinement to our daily lives.

If you have any inquiry regarding the suppliers or agents for the products I post about, I will be glad to assist you, just ask!

email: info@saharghazale.com   twitter: @saharghazale    instagram:@saharg

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